19 March 2007

Dinners of the past few days...

The other night for dinner, G and I both got home late and we came up with the idea for making an open faced omelet. We had some mushrooms and spinach from our CSA box left to eat, and G made this fantastic omelet with toast...It was delightful...

Mmmmm. Tasty too.

Then there was the dinner of boerewors sausage and mashed sweet potatoes with rutabaga and peas. Of course, you gotta have the HP Brown sauce on hand, but the boerewors was so good that I didn't need it.

I like how this picture looks like it's in a 1970's time warp. We're all manner of Life on Mars in this one!

Otherwise, we are trying to eat healthier and all that, so we're trying to eat at home more, though in reality, that's not as exciting as having someone else cook and clean up for you! When G cooks, I have to clean up, and it's a bad end to a usually good meal!

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