28 March 2007

Meatballs and potato? Oh yeahhhh....

Tonight's dinner was actually mostly made yesterday. It was supposed to be last night's dinner, but unfortunately, the urge for Shwarma ran G and I both over, so it had to be Shwarma. We went to my favorite shwarma place, Doner Kebab House on Yonge Street. I did my run before we went and I was so hungry by the time I got there, I just chowed down!!! I let the blog down. *shame*

Anyway, I came home and made the dinner for tonight. It was a Chianti Meatball recipe from the March issue of my favorite food magazine, Olive. It was meatballs made out of ground beef, onion, garlic, black olives, bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, egg, etc, then tossed in oil and baked for ten minutes, then you dump in some chianti, stir her up, bake for another ten minutes, then in goes a big tub of diced tomatoes, fresh basil and sugar, bake for 25 minutes and hello dinner! In the recipe, she makes it with either pasta or rosemary roasted potatoes, and as G is from some strange land where she doesn't like pasta, we had the potatoes.

It was good. Not fantastic, not sure I'd rush out and make it again, but for a change of place and a really easy recipe, it was a-okay.

I tried to take an innards shot... looks terrible, so not doing that... next time.

The plate above could have had some veg other than the blessed potato, but, better luck next time.

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