31 March 2007

Lots o' News!

It's been quite busy here. G's sister-in-law gave birth to a beautiful baby boy last night, so we've been at the hospital taking pics. Family and friends can go see them on flickr. He's just fantastic, but thus far, he's without a name!

But new baby's are great and all that, but the blog must go on! It's H-1B season and work has been a bit mad trying to get files out the door for immediate delivery. Thursday night was a late one, so G and I opted to have Korean BBQ for dinner. The restaurant is really dark, so it was a bit difficult to get pictures. I managed a few...

The meat... it is a bit grim, really, how icky the containers are, but whatever. It's all from your own meat, and everything tasted really fresh. Basically, for $12.99 you get beef, pork, squid, fish, salmon, chicken and ox tongue. You also get miso soup, kim chee, tofu, potato, onion, zuke, rice, bean sprouts and sauce. Not too shabby, really, though it used to be $10.99, but then my Mom talks about buying hamburgers for a nickle, so I guess things change. But this place is all you can eat, so we get lots of meat and I can down the rice and tofu, so it's all good when you are hungry.

I took a pic of the grill, but it's kind of grim...

All in all, good clean fun. The restaurant was absolutely packed, which is fun when you're tired and are trying to draw some energy from others... phew. Good times.

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