06 July 2008


Yeah, just call me little Miss Domestic. I made this lovely bowl of butter...this morning...before YOU were even out of bed...

Yep. That there bowl of pale yellow goodness was made by ME... and boy was it difficult.


That parts a bit of a lie.

While in Vancouver, I picked up Edible Vancouver magazine and read an article about making butter in a jar. I have wanted to try it, so I decided to do it early this morning because I couldn't sleep.

First, you take a jar with a secure lid. You put in 125ml of whipping cream (I used an organic whipping cream with 35% fat).

And then it begins. You start shaking. I am in the middle of watching the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I put on episode 5 and started shaking.

It started feeling thicker. I set a timer for 15 minutes. At that point, I took off the lid and took a quick snap...


From there, the mixture got really thick, and I didn't know quite how it was going to turn into butter. (I am sure someone with a better science background, nay, ANY science background would know the answer to this... I shall check with my friend P.) ANYWAY, I kept shaking and then, before I knew it, I could feel the mixture get more liquidy again.

From there, it just became butter! Well, that was at the end of about 15 more minutes of shaking...

I separated the butter from the buttermilk, put it in bowls, mixed it with a little salt and spread it on a raisin scone. YUM!

The butter is very creamy, almost like a clotted cream. The flavour is just amazing. Light, rich, airy. But really silky. It's thick and nice, makes you want to keep eating it.

Now, the butter is wrapped and in the fridge, just waiting for me to eat more. I can't wait until G gets home and I will make more so she can try it... she'll love it...

I highly recommend this process. It's really fun and easy, and honestly, it takes no time at all.

(On an unrelated Buffy note, I loved Buffy back in the day. I confess I didn't watch the final season, I am not sure why. At Future Shop the other day I found all the Buffy seasons for $19 each. So I bought them. With G away his weekend, I decided to start watching season 1. I realized, I haven't seen them. I had always thought that I had, but I guess I came in on season 2, or something. Anyway, another instance of my being my own worse historian.)


e said...

You know you don't have to shake it, necessarily. If you just whip cream the normal way with a machine and keep going even after the cream is whipped, you'll get the same butter in less time with less effort

dynagrrl said...

But then I don't get to feel all rootsy and down-home! But yes, I suspected that would work...


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