06 July 2008

Eating at the Soccer Field.

The idea of eating at most sporting events probably doesn't fill you with joy.

Well, that's not fair, is it? There's something to be said for sitting in a crowd of screaming folks, drinking a beer and eating a hot dog, or a poutine, or some other krap food.

But not when you go see the Toronto FC. Oh no sir! You see, soccer is civilized. And fun. And I love love love going to soccer games at BMO field, which doesn't have a bad seat in the house, but boasts some of the best park food going.

There's a pie vendor. Yes, you heard right, yes I said a pie booth. (That last sentence is supposed to have an 'On The Town', Frank Sinatra and Betty Garrett duet sort of sound to it.)

The words aren't so super clear maybe, but the name is The Yorktown Savoury Pie Company. And boy, that name doesn't lie. These pies are SAVOURY!

First, you get your pie. It comes in a little pouch. And you open the pouch, and VOILA!


I have had the steak and mushroom pie on two occasions, and G-d willing, I will have it a third. The innards of this pie are a thing of beauty. Big pieces of beef, whole mushrooms, rich sauce, and an amazingly flaky pastry.

Hold for the innard shot....

The pie rules. If you are checking out a Toronto FC game, (and you should be because it's good fun), really look around at the food. The pie booths are separate, but some of the vendors at the main concessions have some gems. The chip butty is a thing of white bread and french fry beauty. There are also curry fries and scotch eggs, which I haven't tried yet. It's fun. And I like park that can have fun with itself. Because fun is what it's all about!

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