28 July 2008

Falcon Ridge!

Man oh man.

Falcon Ridge. It's where G and I met. It was my first 'big' road trip by myself, on a whim, in 1999. It is where I met some great friends and watched them change. And it's always been where I have enjoyed some really nice food. So of course, first things first... let's look at the tastes of Falcon Ridge as eaten by me...

It was a different experience this year, as a lot of the old tyme-y places I loved weren't there. Myron's Yakitori where are youuuuuuuuuu????????? So I branched out...

First, I enjoyed a lovely meat gyro wrap from a Greek vendor.

It was light on the meat, but it was really lovely with a very fresh cucumber and tomato salad. There was feta cheese and a nice hot sauce. All in a pita that COMPLETELY fell apart when I started eating it. But the pita was fresh and really soft, so it was okay. I ate the WHOLE thing, and then ate some ice cream... there is no picture of the ice cream... sorry!

Probably my favorite find of the weekend (and most of the festival's, judging by the lines) was the crepe place...

Look at that cute sign.

My friend CC recommended the garlique chic, which was a garlic chicken crepe, and of course, I had to go for it!

YUM YUM YUM! So this was a lovely crepe filled with pesto, cheddar cheese, garlic chicken, roasted red peppers, carmelized onion, etc. (The etc. is because I think that's it, but I don't really remember...) The crepe was really well done. They aren't the fastest thing to make because the booth actually prepared the crepe as you ordered, but they put all the toppings together and then let it finish heating through once it was folded up on the hot plate. The crepe was a really nice addition to the festival.

So I had another one for breakfast!

This was egg, spinach, onions and cheese. It was supposed to come with pesto, but it was early and G and I both had to give it a thumbs down. The crepe, though, total thumbs up!

During the day on Saturday, I was relaxing in the shade over by the Workshop stage, waiting to listen to Guitar Gods and Goddesses on the stage. I was excited because Patty Larkin was there, and I love love love her, so I had my Bon Appetit magazine out on my lap, my giant jug of water next to me, and my delightful prescription sunglasses guiding the way. I decided the perfect thing to ruin this delightful mood was to get a pulled pork sandwich.

So yeah. The pulled pork. It wasn't cheap. It wasn't good. It had this funky gravy on it that smelled like dog. Sauerkraut that tasted like my stinky shoes. And the pork was good. Until about three bites in where there was some hard piece of something gross. And the sandwich was gone. In the trash. Thank you for coming.

For dinner, I had to make up for it, so despite my love of the Wildcat Wrap (and lack of having had one for the entire weekend), I went for the new Thai food stall. OH YEAH! GOOOOOD choice! For $9 USD you got a big styrofoam with a lovely helping of fried rice, pad thai, and the BIGGEST spiciest grilled chicken skewer ever.

Look at that... oh yeah. The red sauce at the bottom is the Red Rooster sauce, which was so freaking spicy... really lovely. It was so much food, I ended up giving some of the chicken to G. And she had her first Wildcat Wrap.

Tee hee. With my huge box of Thai food, I didn't even end up trying it! But it was good...

The last meal of our festival experience... a fiesta burrito from the vegetarian booth...

So yeah. Weird. The salsa had shredded carrots in it. It had egg, bizarre carrot salsa, cheese, black beans, and weird potatoes. The potatoes weren't bad, they were just really not fully cooked. The eggs were lovely, once I got there. The beans were a nice touch. And I was full afterwards...

Until we hit a massive storm on the drive home and I had to console myself with a double whopper with cheese at Burger King. My shame meant I couldn't take a picture of it, but my sense of whimsy means I have to post about it.

Just as a quick aside, the Festival was really a lot of fun. Besides the food, we enjoyed really fantastic music, a kicker of a storm on Saturday night, some fantastic conversation, time to sit in the sun, and just an all around good time. If you've never been, there's always next year.

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