20 July 2008

Nacho Breakfast.

I absolutely love Mexican food. I love corn tortillas, beef, chicken, beans, rice, guac, sour cream, chili, peppers, onions... you get the idea.

And what better mixing of life is there than Mexican brunch?

At the St. Lawrence Market the day before this meal, G and I had tasted some amazing black bean dip from a stall downstairs. (I can't remember the name, and we threw out the package. Something about Angry Mexicans or something???) We bought it, and were convinced that we needed to somehow incorporate it into some meal that day.

Brunch became breakfast chicken nachos with fried egg!

Oh yeah baby! This was a big whack of chips (from the St. Lawrence booth), chicken, tomatoes, black bean dip, lots of cheese, and a lovely fried egg on top. Such a great (and filling!) breakfast!!!


1 comment:

Sally said...

I LOVE huevos rancheros with refried beans, ranchero sauce, two eggs over easy, and a flour tortilla.


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