15 July 2008

It's Shabbat! It's chicken!

Or... it was Shabbat, and it was chicken. But since it likely all will be again, let's just leave it as is, okay?

We had Friday night at our house this past week, and it was lovely. G made the absolute most wonderful roast chicken I have ever eaten. Plus lots of lovely potatoes and carrots and peas. And challah, which I failed to photograph, and an ice cream cake that I also failed to photograph. So why post?

Because I did take a picture of THIS:


And yes, even THIS:

Yeah. It was good.

It was fun having everyone over. The kids raided my stash of Pez, I had to have a smackdown with my nephew over who was better Luke or Han. (Poor misguided child, he picked Luke, he just doesn't know any better...) They liked my Boba Fett, but couldn't understand why I would have a Pez of a "bad" guy. (Kids!)

Anyway, fun was had by all. I got to show off my Ipod Touch to much oohs and ahhhs and life was pretty enjoyable all the way around. Now, however, I have a cold and I feel like poo, so I came home from work, grabbed the laptop and a huge stack of magaines and went to bed.

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