05 July 2008


I love hamburgers.

No. You LIKE hamburgers. But me? I LOVE hamburgers. I love how despite the many different foods I have tried and loved, I always come back to the noble hamburger.

A few nights ago, I picked up the already made sirloin burgers from Cumbraes, and we had purchased some of the skinny buns that we have grown so fond of.

G cooked some mushrooms and onions (you can see them hiding under the tomato slice on the far side), and we used some of the specialty aged cheddar cheese that we got at the St. Lawrence Market (Alex Farms). And to top it off and make it wonderfully wonderful? Some lovely tomato chutney!

Ah. The Baxters Tomato Chutney. Sweet, slightly spicy, and amazing. It really adds some oomph to sandwiches.

This morning, I made a fried egg sandwich much like the hamburger... just flatter...

The buns don't look appetizing, but they totally are. They are like the President's Choice one, but they are actually smaller in diameter, which makes them far more appealing. We toast them under the broiler, and they turn out amazingly.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Could you please post the recipe for the rice pilaf?


dynagrrl said...

Thanks for the comment! The Riz Pilaf is pretty easy, and on page 292 of the cookbook...

Melt about 2 tablespoons of butter in a pan. When bubbling, add one diced shallot, and cook over low heat for about five minutes. Don't brown the shallot, just let it cook. Then, take one cup of long grain rice (I used basmati) and add to the shallots. Season with salt. Add 2 cups of vegetable or chicken stock. Cover the pan and cook on medium-low heat for 20 minutes, checking from time to time and stirring. Add stock or water if rice isn't cooked. And continue cooking until it's soft. Then take about a tablespoon of butter and mix into the rice. Fluff with a fork and ENJOY!!!


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