20 July 2008


This past week has been an interesting exercise. I am trying to eat less wheat due to the stomach issues, but we are also trying to clear out our freezer and eat some of the things that have been languishing far too long... like these lovely pierogies!

This was a great dinner! We ate the pierogies (which had a little freezer burn, but were otherwise delightful) after they were cooked with a little onion. We topped them with low-fat sour cream. On the side, we sauteed some really lovely and sweet local carrots and browned some turkey kielbasa. (Note that I am saying "we" but this was all G. I mean, I was in the house and offering moral support, but it was not shake-n-bake and I did not help.) I have become a hughe carrot fan, and these were specatacular. I think G just fried them in a little butter in the pan until they were soft and delicious. Oh yeah!

We also had a lovely dinner of fricadelles, sliced fresh tomatoes, marinated mushrooms, and zuchinni salad! Delightful!

The zuchinni salad is a family recipe of G's. You microwave the zuke until it is soft, and then you dice it up and add salt, vinegar, garlic, and oil, and let the whole thing marinate in the fridge. This zuke was ridiculously sweet. It was really very nice, though. The marinated mushrooms were from Cumbrae's, and really weren't all that great. I wouldn't buy them again (and I wouldn't recommend them.)

And the freezer is getting cleared slowly!

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