13 July 2008

G's Birthday Dinner at Lee and at Home.

(I don't know why I failed to post this last week....)

G had a birthday last week, and as she had just returned from Calgary, we decided to go out to dinner on the actual day (and then made a trip to Lowe's because we are in the middle (tail end, now) of remodelling our bathroom), then had a family dinner on Friday night at our house.

At Lee's, we ordered some favorites, and some new things, and thoroughly enjoyed the dinner! The food there is amazing. Most amazing would still have to be the duck confit crepe...

I took my smaller camera, and I am not sure how to take photos in dim light with it, so excuse the photos... But back to the business at hand... the crepe... the crepe... the ducky crepe...

It's good. If you go, have this and the coleslaw, and you won't be disappointed. I for some reason do not have a photo of the coleslaw. But there's one from the last time we were there here.

G ordered a crab and corn soup that oddly came with a leek "donut"... which was really a leek pizza...

The donut/pizza was lovely!!! The soup was crazy crabby, but not mean-spirited. (ha ha)

We also ordered this nice assortment of satay..

It was good because it came with one beef, one chicken, one pork, and one shrimp. G doesn't eat pork and I don't like shrimp, I took the chicken she had the beef and we all lived happily ever after!

We also had the beef stew, which didn't photograph well but is really lovely and rich. I ordered the tofu because I loved it so much back in the day, but found this one wanting.

It just looks like a big whack of crap. It was not nice. I actually didn't even eat it after the first bite, and that almost never happens.

The waiter must have heard me comment that it was G's birthday, because they brought out this...

when they brought our desserts... Mine was a lovely banana cake. G's was not and there is no photo. Sorry.

Lee. Still pretty good. I loved the duck, loved the coleslaw, and I would love to try some of the other things there, but with two people your choices are pretty limited.

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