01 July 2008

Happy Canada Day!!!

With Canada Day falling on a Tuesday, I was given the opportunity to do some work from home yesterday and not go into the office. Score! Four day weekends rule. Especially when they are on the tail end of a conference away. Canada Day rules. We celebrated Canada Day by continuing the remodel of our bathroom (!) and going to a Toronto FC soccer game. It's been soccer mania around here with the Euro Cup (what happened to my beloved England?!)

But on the Monday, while waiting for the cable guy and busily answering work emails, I decided to make myself some lunch. Wanting Kraft Dinner, but having none to hand, I decided to make some mac from scratch. with sausages

(I feel this photo is very Orangette. Go me.)

We had some all beef sausages in the freezer, and I thawed out two and put them sliced up under the broiler. I then threw the rest together, and had a thoroughly enjoyable lunch for one.

Quick and Easy Mac

1. Boil some gluten-free (or other) pasta until it's al dente.

2. Put the sausages sliced under the broiler.

3. Once the pasta is finished, drain lightly, and then put back in the pan. Mix in some milk and a medley of cheeses. I used an aged cheddar, parmesan, and monterey jack. Let the starch from the gf pasta thicken it. Enjoy!

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