06 July 2008


I got home on Friday night after a quick trip to the mall after work and didn't want to monkey around with cooking and cleaning. Instead, I opted for a little delivery from Pizza Nova. I didn't want pizza, so I opted instead for a lasagna and caesar salad. Yep. Lasagna and salad.

It was okay. Not rocking my world fantastic, but it was good. The salad came without the dressing on it. I reckon that is to keep it from getting crazy soggy. But i tmakes it hard to mix.

The dressing they used, I forgot to check the packet, was so crazy garlicky. But pretty good. I ate most of it, and all in all, it was fairly tasty.

The lasagna was weirdly shaped, in a kind of triangular squares, with lots of layers of pasta and cheesey cheesey cheese and meat sauce.

It was pretty okay. I liked it, but it wasn't end of the world good. I probably would order it again in a pinch.

It probably didn't help that I had eaten some poutine at the mall (at New York Fries, disappointing because the fries were soggy) while I was trying to decide whether or not to buy an Ipod Touch.

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