19 July 2008


Well, this is not food related. At all. But, I had a bit of a dilemma this week in trying to decide if I wanted to get an iPhone or an iTouch. I love my Ipod. Love it. Love it. Love it. 30 gig video, I've had it for a couple of years now, I just love it.

I have a cellphone. A not so great cellphone, but I hate cellphones. Hate them. Sure, in a pinch they are good, but I think in reality I have had a cellphone for less time than I have had my Ipod. G and I got a family plan, we have next to no minutes but can call each other unlimited, and I rarely use it otherwise. And I hate the idea of being 'connected' all the time.

But did I mention how much I love my iPod? I love having it to listen to when I go to bed at night, a nice audiobook streaming in the background, set to turn off after 20 minutes or so (I am currently listening to "Restaurant at the End of the World".) I love listening to podcasts while eating lunch, watching "Gourmet Diary of a Foodie" while taking a break, or watching "Girl in the Fireplace" for the millionth time while on a bumpy flight. With 30 gigs of space, I have it filled. Lots of music (my iPod's secondary function!) and lots and lots of video and audiobooks.

So the Touch came out. And I became touched. And I let it go. The the iPhone was coming out up here in good ol' Canada. And I became obsessed. But, and here's the confession. I didn't want the iPhone. I wanted the iTouch. And boy, people just don't get that! I don't want to have my iPod tied to my phone. I want a bigger iPod, with cool features, not a cool phone with some iPod capacity.

And now I have the iPod. Lots of space, and I am wifi'ed almost everywhere I go. So if I want it, I have it. My lovely Ianto has been my constant companion, providing me excellent sound for my current audiobook, comfie earbuds, a cool touchscreen, and access to my email and facebook on demand. And no one ever calls me on it or takes it away from it being just all mine. Is that weird?

Now, there's nothing to say that I am not going to find myself in a Rogers store buying an iPhone anytime soon, especially with this cheap dataplan on offer, it seems almost stupid not to lock into it now. But, I love my dear shiny skinny Ianto, and I don't care that everyone says "Why don't you just get an iPhone?" (Hence my blogging about it. G's brother asked me to explain why I went iPod and not iPhone on my blog so he could read my reasoning. As if there is reasoning behind this madness.)

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dynagrrl said...

Did I mention that I am weak? I did get the iPhone, a few short days later. Ah.


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