05 July 2008

When the Cat's Away...

G is on a business trip, so it's time for pork. We don't have pork in the house as a general rule because G is Jewish, but when she's away the cat plays with pork. Or something.

After my last failed attempt at making spaghetti carbonara, I vowed that I would make it again, but so far I haven't. Until now.

I was browsing through my cookbooks last night, and ran across Jamie Oliver's 'Classic Penne Carbonara' in Happy Days with the Naked Chef. It sounded very straightforward, but like it made way too much. So I went to the store and bought the ingredients, and decided that I would give it a try today. And I did.

And it was EXCELLENT!!!

Oh yeah. No scrambled egg, just smooth creamy sauce and tasty bacon.

The recipe is simple, and I do recommend it...

Classic Penne Carbonara
(adapted from Happy Days with the Naked Chef)

.5 pound dried penne
3 slices of streaky smoked bacon
2.5 egg yolks
3.5 tbspns whipped cream
2 oz grated parmesan
freshly ground pepper

Cook the penne until it's al dente. Cook the bacon slowly, draining the fat as you go. Stir the egg yolks, cream and half the cheese in a small bowl. When cooked, drain the pasta into a bowl. Stir in the bacon and cheese/egg mixture. Toss like sald. Add pepper and cheese.


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